Many chemical manufacturers, such as the now defunct Inquimica Corporation, belong to an international trade association known as SOCMA. This stands for the Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates. This organization was put in place to aid in promoting and helping its member organizations to grow, to help the general public to better understand chemical manufacturers and to believe in their mission, and to help related laws, safety regulations, and bills to be passed or put into place for safer operating and more advancement in the field. Any organization that meets certain qualifying standards and that manufactures any kind of chemical is eligible for membership in this helpful and powerful organization.

Various acts and issues that have recently been of concern to chemical manufacturers include the Toxic Substances Control Act, the Chemical Facility Anti Terrorism Act, the European Union Registration Evaluation Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals, and more. For obvious reasons, it is very important for chemical manufacturers to be aware of the issues affecting their operation and to take appropriate action when called for. If not, many such organizations could easily be put out of business, stopping the production of important chemicals and putting many people out of work.

Since September of 2005, all chemical manufacturers have been advised to abide by ChemStewards regulations. ChemStewards is a program that focuses on environmental issues, health issues, and safety and security issues related to batch chemical manufacturing. Members of SOCMA are required to abide by these standards and, as such, must discuss performance issues, current policies and practices, and more on a regular basis. Participating in the program is a wonderful way to not only grow as a company and in the public eye but also to become more productive and to enjoy a better and safer working environment when working in chemical manufacturing.